Ride on

D and I returned from a blissful stretch of days horseback riding through wooded trails and fields in a small town in Georgia. We cantered and trotted through endless trails.


I first fell in love with horses and horseback riding on a trip to Cheju Island in Korea. I was in the third grade. I remember riding a grayish white horse. I remember feeling that it was the closest thing to soaring.

How do you explain what you’re drawn to, what attracts you?

When we returned to California after our Cheju trip, I asked my parents if I could go horseback riding again. They enrolled me in Western riding classes at a nearby stable. Followed by horse camp in the summers.

I remember the first time I cantered. I was in the fourth grade. You don’t forget these things.

It wasn’t until law school that I was able to return to horseback riding. Several times a month, I’d drive off campus towards the stables for English riding lessons. Harder to master than Western riding, but exhilarating. Like soaring.

It is one of the things I’ve missed the most these past nine or so years in the city.

I was overjoyed to see D loving horseback riding on our recent trip. To be doing one of the things you love with the person you love.


We savored the sunsets, got up close to the horses even when we weren’t riding, and even saw ducks in a row (literally).



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