daughter, like mother


i love my mom. and i love her love of odd things. when i was little, i hated it when people told me i was nothing like my mom. this proves them all wrong. at least we are amused by the same things.

of the pictures i had sent my mom from spain, one was of a little huddle of cabbage patch like miniature nuns. figurines, that is. but chubby with crazy eyes, like cabbage patch kids. [cabbage patch kids freaked me out as a child, but were oddly mesmerizing with their fat cheeks and pinwheel eyes]. we had spotted these nuns in a storefront window alongside marzipan. in cordoba [i think].

i open up my mom’s reply email. attached is the same picture. at least, that’s what i think initially. “i saw those same little nuns … in cordoba, i think” she writes. “i couldn’t walk past w/out taking a pic of them … i mean, they just jumped out at me.”

unwittingly, we had snapped photos of the same cabbage patch like nuns. she had gone to spain with my dad a few months before me. “thanks kyung,” she’d told me. “your dad and i appreciate your christmas gift of a spain trip.” ¬†at this point, she proceeded to laugh into the phone. 1) this was after i had been telling her for years that i’d wanted to go to spain with her. and 2) i had no idea they had decided on spain. i only knew that my christmas gift was a vacation package to wherever they’d choose. 3) i can’t believe she thinks this is hilarious.

i suppose i do take after my mom, after all.