the green mountain state


there’s a reason they call vermont “the green mountain state.” true to its name (especially in the summer), it is both super green and super mountainous.

and like the dairy it produces in spades, there’s something so wholesome about the whole state. chittenden was our town of choice for the Fourth and we drove through lots of other little towns en route, so i can’t speak to every single town in vermont, but the towns we did see were wholesome as dairy. [btw, the cheese is just amazing there].

we rode [horses], swam [in a pool], kayaked [on a lake] … wholesome activities to go with the wholesome state.

not surprisingly, the un-wholesome people [including us, probably], were out-of-staters.

one in particular [two if you count her dog as a “person”], was from jersey [shocker].

this particularly unwholesome individual let loose her tiny dog [also from jersey] into the riding ring we were riding around in [on horseback], then proceeded to call out the dog’s name in the shrillest voice possible. thank god the horses didn’t spook. where do you think this is, lady? spain? [see very first blog post]. dogs should be on leashes – especially when around horses.

from the front, the place looked like an edward hopper painting. [what a pretentious comment!].

and from the back, it looked like the backdrop for downton abbey. [only slightly pretentious].

even the rain was unlike new york city rain – not gross or mixed in with the trash swirling around nyc, but clear and crisp and *wholesome*.

we vowed to return.