hello, “cat”

Imagethis dog is not dead. she’s very much alive. she’s not ill, either. she’s actually quite healthy.

she just happens to be a brat.

my uncle showed up one day at my parents’, announced that he was going to leave his dog with them (indefinitely), and then left (sans dog).

my mom has taken to comparing me to this dog. she continues w/ the comparisons cuz she can tell that i’m getting (audibly) annoyed. she happens to think this is hilarious.

mom: you know, she’s lazy, like you (omg, not another person thinking this)

me: who? the dog?

mom: she has a name, you know.

me: i can’t believe you and dad are actually okay with a dog running around the house.

mom: she doesn’t run all that much. she’s so lazy. she just sleeps all day. kinda like you. but she’s smart, fortunately. she’s got that going for her, at least.

me: i don’t sleep that much anymore. [well, not as much as i used to]

mom: anyways, she’s got a strange personality – she thinks she’s a cat. like if another dog comes up to her, she just looks at them. she really is like you.

* * *